Classroom Rules

During our first week of school, I review my basic class rules with all of the students by sharing an ART acronym with them:

A - Always Do Your Best: I emphasize to them that the best for each of them will not be the same as the best for their neighbor, or what would be MY own personal best. That is the neat thing about Art...there can be many "right" answers & ways to do things.

R- Respect yourself, each other, and the classroom: I explain that we have many wonderful art supplies provided to us by the school and our parents that we need to take proper care of and not be wasteful with. We will also be sharing supplies, so I remind them of the importance to have patience while waiting to use an art tool/supply and of course to use our "pleases" and "thank you's" with our friends.

T- Talk quietly and sit in your seats while working: Once I communicate the initial instructions for a project to the students, I allow them to chat with neighbors using inside voices as they work. If we as a class are keeping our volume to a mimimal level, I like to play music for the students to help spark creativity (of course always age & classroom appropriate).


Again, the most fundamental thing that I will be looking for from my students is that they are putting their OWN personal BEST EFFORT into their projects. I let the students know that I am most interested in ATTITUDE & EFFORT than the talent. I often encounter students that have a pre-conceived notion that they "can" or "can't" be artistic before even attempting a lesson project or assignment. My goal is to help your student realize that art is much like any other activity/hobby that they enjoy which involves practice for improvement, i.e. sports, music, performing arts, academics. I expect them to fully participate and be creative and unique in their own work while incorporating the art elements & concepts that we are learning in class.