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Sharonville Library

April 16 Duffy May 14 Czupik

ABC Countdown:

Tuesday, April 24 Art day- create an art project in class

Wednesday, April 25 Baseball Day- wear a baseball team shirt and any type of pants

Thursday, April 26 Crazy sock day- wear crazy socks to school today

Friday, April 27 D.E.A.R. time- quiet reading time-- NO BLANKETS OR PILLOWS!

Monday, April 30 Exercise Day- extra recess and exercise breaks in the classroom

Tuesday, May 1 Fruit Day- bring a piece of fresh fruit to eat in class

Wednesday, May 2 Game Day- bring your favorite game to play in class

Thursday, May 3 Homework Be Gone- NO homework today

Friday, May 4 I Can Day- come to school with a talent to share with your classmates

Monday, May 7 Jam Day- we will jam to music while we work

Tuesday, May 8 King Day- BOYS only out of uniform

Wednesday, May 9 Lollipop Day- teachers will provide a lollipop treat today

Thursday, May 10 Mystery Reader Day- a surprise guest will come read to the class

Friday, May 11 New Friend Day- talk to a new friend during olympic day

Monday, May 14 Orange Day- wear as much orange as you can. You may bring an orange to


Tuesday, May 15 Pen Day- we will act like big kids and write with a pen today

Wednesday, May 16 Queen Day- GIRLS ONLY out of uniform

Thursday, May 17 Rosary Day- bring your rosary to pray

Friday, May 18 Soak Up the Sun Day- wear sunscreen to soak up the sun during knockout and

ice cream social

Monday, May 21 Thank you Day- write a thank you note to a teacher

Tuesday, May 22 Used Book Day- bring a book you enjoy and would like to DONATE for an

exchange day

Wednesday, May 23 Video Day- we will chill out and watch a video

Thursday, May 24 Walk Day- we will take a walk today

Friday, May 25 X-change autographs- we will share our autographs with our classmates

Tuesday, May 29 Year End Clean Up Day- we will clean up everything

Wednesday, May 30 Zip up and Zoom out day- we will zip up and dismiss at 11:00

Schedule Table

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15 Mass
9:45-10:10 Snack recess Snack recess Snack recess Snack recess Snack recess
10:30-11:15 Music P.E. Art Spanish 10:30-11 Tech Lab
12:15-1:05 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:15-2:00 Library P.E. 1:15-1:45 Music 1:45-2:15