Mrs. Noelker's 2nd Grade Class


Redding School's theme this year is BELIEVE. We all know that "To succeed you must first BELIEVE!" So, let's make this a successful year, everyone. BELIEVE in YOU...and the magic will happen! Stingers up. kids!



Now that the leaves are starting to turn brilliant colors and the days are cooler, I hope you all have the chance to get outdoors and take in the beauty of the season. Go for a walk. Jump in a pile of leaves. Have a bonfire. Rest, relax, and take a breath. Whatever you do, savor these special times with your families.

JUST A QUICK REMINDER: Fall Festival is next Friday, October 26 at 5:30 p.m.


This was an incredibly busy week at Redding School, jam-packed with activities!

A gazillion thanks to all of you parents who attended our Parent Teacher Conferences. It was truly a pleasure meeting with you to discuss your children's progress in the second grade. I BELIEVE we have the best parents at Redding School. If you ever want to meet again, feel free to contact me and we'll set up a time. Thank you again!

On Wednesday morning, the entire school had a convocation in the gym to celebrate the successes of many of our Redding Hornets. Several of Room 313's students were included. A few children won handmade wooden toys (Thank you, Seymour Noon Lions!) and others played a super fun cookie game. 13 of our kiddos were awarded brag tags for Perfect Attendance. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Students who earned 6 or more stickers on our Clip-Up Chart during the First Grading Period were rewarded with a MOVIE and snacks this afternoon. What a fabulous way to finish our short week! I am so proud of this class and can't wait for the next celebration!



RED RIBBON WEEK is next week! Details for dress up days are included in the calendar below.



BOOK-IT is totally optional but I do encourage all of our students to participate. There will be great "rewards" at the conclusion of the program for those who complete all 6 months of BOOK-IT. Just saying. ;-) Thank you,parents, for your support in READING at home!



Focused Intervention Time (F.I.T.) started at Redding School. Students are grouped according to their various instructional needs (skill levels) in Language Arts & Reading. Teachers used data gathered from NWEA and Lexia along with homeroom teacher recommendations to help determine appropriate group placement for each student.



Yes! We have started a home learning incentive in our classroom. Work or activities that are marked with an UN are designated "UNhomework." Students have the option to complete these educational "opportunities" at home and return them the next school day.

For his/her extra effort, a student will be rewarded with a TICKET that is placed in our LEARNING LOTTO bucket. Tickets will be drawn at various times and those students who participate could WIN prizes. (Please note that students who do not complete UNhomework will not be penalized.)

The idea is simply to encourage learning at home. As we already know, learning doesn't just happen here at Redding School. After all, you are your children's first teachers. We appreciate your support as parents and your interest in your child's education.


*A gazillion thanks to all of you who have signed up on BLOOMZ!!! It has proven to be an excellent means of communication between school and parents (especially when school is delayed or cancelled). Plus, it's a wonderful site for viewing photos of school and classroom activities. It also provides opportunities to sign up for field trips, class parties, etc. Hopefully you've had a chance to check out the pics shared from the first few days of school. SO FUN!


Right now we are working especially hard on respect, organizational skills, time management, and responsibility. Believe it or not, students thrive when they have a daily routine. At the start of the day, I check all of the students' agendas for parent signatures. Your children regard you as their first teachers. They understand that you want them to do their best in school. Being organized, good time managers, and responsible leaders will definitely put your kids on the path of success! Thank you for caring and encouraging your children, parents.

At the end of each school day, students fill out their agendas, writing down work that should be done at home that evening. Please make sure that you check on those assignments. At second grade level, these kiddos still need you to help keep them on track---and in a routine at school AND at home.

In the agenda, each student will also have a daily COLORED BEHAVIOR DOT. This will indicate your children's attitude, effort, and behavior for each day. The class will be setting a sticker goal for each grading period. We have a chart in the room that records weekly stickers for students who maintain a green (or higher---blue, purple, and pink at the top) for the week. The maximum number of stickers per grading period is 10 or 11. For the second grading period, we're shooting for 7 stickers (or more) to earn a REWARD CELEBRATION.

Every night, please be sure to check your children's all important Hornets folders. Most days those folders have class work (often homework). The folders may also have school information, event updates, graded papers, etc. The Hornets folders should be emptied at home nightly with the exception of papers or work that need to be returned the next day. (The overview sheet of the story for the week should always stay in the folders until the week is completed.)

If you ever have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact me via BLOOMZ or through my school e-mail address. I will try my best to get back to you ASAP! Thank you in advance for your continued support. You are appreciated by ALL of us!!!


Students ARE allowed to bring BOTTLED WATER and HEALTHY snacks for the morning break around 10:00. HEALTHY snacks would include fruit or fruit snacks, veggies, yogurt, or granola bars. (Please avoid sugary foods or chips.) Bringing HEALTHY snacks is optional.

Thank you so much for visiting our amazing classroom! (It is usually updated no later than the Saturday prior to the next school week.) By checking in weekly, your children see that you truly care about their education. That is so important! Please write the secret words "Be the difference!" above your signature in your child's agenda on Wednesday, October 17. To show my appreciation, your child will receive a special "thank you" treat next Monday (only).

WHAT'S BUZZING IN 313: Oct. 22 - 26, 2018

REDding students are DRUG FREE! Wear RED today!---MATH TEST TODAY!***READING FLUENCY this week!***READING: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin on pp. 62-75 in Book 2.2

TEAM UP against Drugs Wear your favorite SPORTS TEAM ATTIRE!---Remember to STUDY YOUR SPELLING WORDS! (Lists can be found on Spelling City!)

Don t get MIXED UP with Drugs Wear MISMATCHED/CRAZY CLOTHING today!---PRACTICE your BASIC MATH FACTS (Addition & Subtraction)!

DRUG FREE is the REDDING way to be! EXTREME SPIRIT DAY-Wear REDDING clothes and colors!

GROUP UP Against Drugs Dress as a twin, triplet, or group!---FALL FESTIVAL is at 5:30*** READING & SPELLING TESTS TODAY!