Mrs. Noelker's 2nd Grade Class


WOW!!! Hard to believe that first semester of this school year is almost completed! Time is certainly flying by!!!

With Christmas just 10 days away, there is definitely excitement in the air at Redding School! As I explained to the class this morning, this is a very challenging time of the year for all of us. We can't wait for the holiday and our winter break...but there is still much work to do as we end this first semester. It is especially important for our students to stay focused and follow our school rules and expectations. Thank you,parents, for encouraging your children to keep trying their best, even though Christmas is around the corner.

Because we only have two days next week, there will be no specified Reading Street story or Spelling List. We will, however, continue on in Lesson 10 in I-Ready Math. The students really need to buckle down and learn their basic addition AND subtraction facts (this website offers a perfect way to drill). Your support at home is appreciated. I have promised the class a MATH CELEBRATION at my house in early February for those students who master their facts. Can't wait!

December's BOOK-IT goal is 120 minutes!!! I am encouraging ALL of the class to participate in the BOOK-IT Reading Incentive program but it is not mandatory. At the end of each month, students earn certificates for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut. Students have also been promised BIG rewards at the end of the year if they complete ALL 6 months of the program!!! Thank you for supporting your kids and reading at home!

Just a reminder that the weather is much colder now and our children need to dress for these changing temperatures. Winter coats, gloves or mittens, and hats are perfect for staying warm. Please, no hooded sweatshirts in place of coats! Thank you, parents, for making sure our kids are properly dressed! We want to try our best to keep everyone healthy so there are no germs to share with our friends. ;-)

Since the school year began, we have been working especially hard on organizational skills, time management, and responsibility. Believe it or not, students thrive when they have a daily routine. At the start of the day, I check all of the students' agendas for parent signatures. Your children look at you as their first teachers. They understand that you want them to do their best in school. Being organized, good time managers, and responsible leaders will definitely put your kids on the path of success! Thank you for caring and encouraging your children, parents.

At the end of each school day, students fill out their agendas, writing down work that should be done at home that evening. Please make sure that you check on those assignments. At second grade level, these kiddos still need you to help keep them on track---and in a routine at school AND at home.

Every night, please be sure to check your children's all important Hornets folders. Every day those folders have class work (often homework). The folders may also have school information, event updates, graded papers, etc. The Hornets folders should be emptied at home nightly with the exception of papers or work that need to be returned the next day. (The overview sheet of the story for the week should always stay in the folders until the week is completed.)

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you, parents, for connecting through BLOOMZ. ALL of you have signed up and, believe me, you will be glad you did! You'll find BLOOMZ to be very handy and informative. I'll be sending out class announcements, sharing photos and important documents, along with calendar events and volunteer requests. It's already been fun to chat with some of you through BLOOMZ. As you know, I'm just a text away!

Yahoo!!!! Our class is off and running with our Chromebooks!!! Each student has an updated page of login information into his/her agenda on a "secret" page. This way, your child has the ability to connect with websites on home computers and tablets. In Room 313, students have already worked in Spelling Vocabulary City, Math Time Tests, Prodigy, Lexia, and they have joined our Google Classroom (new project for us!). Students have also been to the iReady Math site which now (after initial testing) has everyone placed at their appropriate learning levels. I will try to get most (maybe all) of the links to the websites listed on the "secret page" right here on Amazing Classroom. It's a work in progress as we learn more and more about our cool Chromebooks.

If you ever have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact me via BLOOMZ. I will try my best to get back to you ASAP! Thank you in advance for your continued support. You are appreciated by ALL of us!!!


Students ARE allowed to bring HEALTHY snacks for the morning break around 10:00. HEALTHY snacks would include fruit or fruit snacks, veggies, yogurt, or granola bars. (Please avoid sugary foods or chips.) Bringing HEALTHY snacks is optional.

Thank you so much for visiting our amazing classroom! (It is usually updated no later than the Saturday prior to the next school week.) By checking in weekly, your children see that you truly care about their education. That is so important! Please write the secret words "Let it snow!" above your signature in your child's agenda on Friday, December 15th. To show my appreciation, your child will receive a special "thank you" treat on Monday, December 18th(only).

WHAT'S BUZZING IN 313: December 18-19 , 2017

READING THIS WEEK: Christmas stories---REWARD PARTY (for those who earned it)


NO SCHOOL---Enjoy your break!

NO SCHOOL---4 more days until Christmas!

NO SCHOOL---See you back at school on Thursday, January 4---December BOOK-IT calendars are due