Mr. Jezusko's 5th Grade Class

my photo Here is a little about myself. As a young man, I graduated from UMSL with a business degree. I have been an insurance agent/broker, and subsequently, the founder of a home healthcare agency. When my son, now age 23, attended Sacred Heart, I was privileged to serve as the Cub Master and then later, Scout Master. Planning Scout meetings, I enjoyed teaching values such as character, hard work and honesty. My goal was to allow kids to learn while having fun. In 2008, I decided to return to school to seek a teaching degree, which I received in 2012. Now as in Scouts, I enjoy when the kids are allowed to learn through experiencing. One of my goals is to have your student come home so excited that he wants to tell you about what he learned in school that day.

I am married, have one son, and am a parish member at Sacred Heart. My faith, along with my traditional conservative values continue to grow as a major part of my life. I enjoy the outdoors by hiking, backpacking and mountain biking.

Keeping students engaged is key to good behavior, and today, technology is key to keeping them engaged. I am encouraged that Sacred Heart classrooms have Smart Board technology, and that Mrs. Hummel shares my enthusiasm for taking advantage of its many benefits. I strive to build and maintain a healthy home/school relationship, since your child's learning benefits greatly from a positive, team approach between the teacher, the student and parents.

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