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Ms. Pulkrabek's 3rd Grade Spelling Class & Word List
Spelling ~ inflectional endings -ed, -ing, -s

Spelling is practiced throughout the week and new words with the same patterns are discovered in reading of text. A test is given on Friday which may include new words that are not on the list but follow the same pattern.

Follow the spelling website links I have included to have fun with your lists all week!!

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Spelling Words List - week of march 18-22
names named naming hopes
hoped hoping dances danced
dancing drops dropped dropping
wraps wrapped wrapping basketball
airplane birthday driving traded

Play the spelling words challenge game!!


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Important Information

Week of March 18-22

Monday:Day 1 ~ Gym
Tuesday:Day 2 ~ Computer Lab
Wednesday:Day 3 ~ Gym, Ms. Sara reads!
Thursday:Day 4 ~ Music
Friday:Day 5 ~ Art