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Ms. Pulkrabek's 3rd Grade Read/Language Class & Word List
ESSENTIAL QUESTION ~ How can we reuse what we already have?

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Vocab Strategy: homographs

Genre: Realistic fiction

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Vocabulary Words & Meanings
gazed: looked steadily at something; stare
conservation: the care of natural resources
discouraged: made to feel like giving up
frustration: a feeling of being upset because you can't do or have something
jubilant: to feel very happy or joyful
recycling: putting objects of materials through a special process so they can be used again
remaining: still in a certain place
tinkered: made small changes to something

ISD709 Duluth MN
Lowell Elementary School
2000 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55702
218-336-8895 (office)
ext. 1236 (voicemail)
Room #B9
nancy.pulkrabek [at]
Important Information

Week of March 18-22

Monday:Day 1 ~ Gym
Tuesday:Day 2 ~ Computer Lab
Wednesday:Day 3 ~ Gym, Ms. Sara reads!
Thursday:Day 4 ~ Music
Friday:Day 5 ~ Art