Mrs. Schaming's 3rd Grade Reading Vocab Class & Word List
The students will read the story "Good Bye 382 Shin Dang Ding," this week. Please study these vocabulary words with your child on a nightly basis. The students will be tested on these words with a matching test and then be asked to write 3 sentences of their own, using the assigned words.

* There are 9 vocabulary words this week. here is the ninth word:

* Raindrops - the water that falls in drops from the clouds

Scholastic Book Orders - You can now order books online through Scholastic. Our class code is GXFMN. With every online order, our class receives points to purchase new books for the classroom.

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Vocabulary Words & Meanings
airport: an area used by aircraft to land and take off
cellar: a room or rooms under a building where things are stored
curious: strange; odd; unusual
delicious: pleasing or satisfying; delightul, especially to the taste or smell
farewell: parting; lasting
homesick: sad becaue you are far away from home
memory: a person, thing, or event that you can remember
describe: to tell in words how someone looks, feels, or acts or to record the most important things about a place, a thing, or an event

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Important Information

Week of May 20th

Monday:Library; Vocabulary test
Tuesday:No School
Wednesday:Olympiad Day; Spelling test
Friday:Mass; 11:30 dismissal