Mrs. Krebs' Kindergarten Birthdays Class
March Birthdays to Celebrate

Christopher -- March 7th

Birthdays are an exciting time for children! Your child is welcome to celebrate his or her birthday at school by bringing in a food (brownies, cookies, cupcakes) or non-food (pencils, stickers, small toys) treat to share. If your child's birthday is during the summer months, we will celebrate on his half birthday.

On your child's special day, she will also bring home the "birthday bag". This bag contains several birthday books, a stuffed animal, and the birthday journal. In the journal, your child can write or draw about how he celebrated his birthday. Please make sure to send everything in the bag back for the next child to enjoy!


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Weekly Schedule

Week of March 25th

Wednesday:Mrs. Krebs Out for Kindergarten Screening
Thursday:Mrs. Krebs Out for Kindergarten Screening
Friday:Stations of the Cross