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Ms. Pulkrabek's 3rd Grade Classroom Rules
Rules & Procedures
1. Treat each other with kind words, actions and are always helpful!

2. Tell the truth, always admit when you're wrong and apologize.

3. Talk when it is our turn and listen to the person speaking.

4. Stay focused and on-task.

5. Pick up after ourselves and take care of our materials.

6. Have fun learning everyday!!

We have these rules posted in our classroom and have all agreed to them with our signatures 😊

We are Lowell Lions and we show our pride.

We are Safe, Kind, Respectful and Honest;

Each and every day!!


ISD709 Duluth MN
Lowell Elementary School
2000 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55702
218-336-8895 (office)
ext. 1236 (voicemail)
Room #B9
nancy.pulkrabek [at]
Important Information

Week of May 27-31

Monday:Happy Memorial Day ~ No School
Tuesday:Day 6 ~ Library Check-in (bring all books back)
Wednesday:Day 7 ~ Gym (45 min), Ms. Sara reads!!
Thursday:Day 8 ~ Music
Friday:Day 1 ~ Gym, Graduation Walk-through