Mrs. Schaming's 3rd Grade Classroom Rules
Rules & Consequences
I have three important rules for the students to follow in my classroom. The first rule is to Always Be Respectful. Students are expected to respect all people and things. The second rule is to Be Responsible. It is very important for third graders to take responsibility for being prepared and ready to learn! The last rule is to Always Do Your Best! All students are expected to work hard and NEVER give up,


First offense- Verbal Warning

Second offense - Name on board (miss 10 minutes of recess)

Third offense - Checkmark next to name (miss ALL of recess and write a letter to parents)

Fourth offense - meeting with Mr. Munz and parents

I expect ALL students to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, the playground, and in every other area of the school building.


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Important Information

Week of May 20th

Monday:Library; Vocabulary test
Tuesday:No School
Wednesday:Olympiad Day; Spelling test
Friday:Mass; 11:30 dismissal