Mrs. Krebs' Kindergarten Newsletter Class
Week of March 25th, 2019

Literacy & Phonics

Theme: Butterflies

Sight Word: do

•We will learn about “Magic E” this week—the silent e that makes vowels say their name. Magic E changes short vowels into long vowels: kit into kite, cut into cute, and many more.

• We will read Butterfly, Butterfly this week. We will explore the question and response format of this book as we discover each stage of a butterfly’s life cycle.

• We will work on letters “Mm” and “Hh” in Handwriting.


• We will conclude our unit on money this week. We will practice adding and subtracting monetary amounts.

• We will review number identification and writing for numbers 1-30.

Social Studies/Science

• We will identify the parts of a butterfly. We will also learn about a butterfly’s life cycle.


• We will discuss the importance of asking for forgiveness, and learn about the word “reconciliation”.

• In our Lent Journals, we will reflect on how God’s word acts as a “light unto our path”.

Notes & Reminders

• It looks like our temperatures are continuing to warm up as Spring has begun—we might get close to 70 degrees later this week! Hopefully it won’t be too rainy so we can continue to go outside and play during recess! It’s hard to believe that we are already this far in the year, but this week I will be screening next year’s Kindergarten class on Wednesday, March 27th and Thursday, March 28th. I will be out of the classroom those days, and Mrs. Strotman will be our substitute. If you have any last minute transportation changes on Wednesday or Thursday, please let Ms. Florea in the Main Office know so that she can relay the message.

• We are continuing to collect donations for the Dragonfly Foundation throughout Lent. A list of the most needed items was sent home last week. Thank you for your support of this great cause!


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Weekly Schedule

Week of March 25th

Wednesday:Mrs. Krebs Out for Kindergarten Screening
Thursday:Mrs. Krebs Out for Kindergarten Screening
Friday:Stations of the Cross