Welcome to Mrs. Pelzel's Third Grade Classroom!
View original image in a new window. * Multiplication/Division - Last week, we started working on division. I will continue to test the students weekly on multiplication and also begin to add in division facts as well. Please continue to review facts at home. It really does make a difference and it also helps the students see the connection between multiplication and division.

* Biography Report- Last week, the students were assigned a “Who Was” biography book report. I checked “Who Was” books from the school library, and the students were given the opportunity to select their famous person from these titles. They are welcome to take the book home to read and to assist them with the project. All books from our library will be due back to school at the end of the project. The students were given the directions and the oral report form. If you need another copy, there will be a link on my webpage to print one out. Book reports and posters are due Wednesday, March 28th.

* Iowa Testing- Iowa Testing will begin tomorrow, March 6th and continue through next week. Please encourage your child to get a good night’s sleep, to eat a healthy breakfast each morning, and bring a morning snack. I have pencils for them-they do not need to bring them.


March 6- Iowa Testing begins

March 7- Penny Power/Spirit Day

March 9- Stations 2 pm

March 21- Public Library Visit

March 28-”Who Was” Book Report due


Reading: Lesson 19 Two Bear Cubs

Skills: Story Structure/Summarize

Grammar: Irregular Verbs/Punctuation Review

Writing: Persuasive Writing

Spelling: No Spelling Words/ Test

Math: Division Strategies/Graphs

Science: Types of Rocks

Social Studies: Presidential Reports/Antarctica

Religion: Chapter 9/Apostles Creed

Broken Bus Ministry- “Double Your Lunch”- This year’s Lenten service project raises money for The Broken Bus Ministry. Students are encouraged to bring in a few extra dollars to “double” the cost of their lunch. At the end of Lent, we will learn the total amount of money raised, and how many meals we were able to provide for The Broken Bus Ministry, who helps the homeless in our community.

*Study tip- If your child struggles with ____x 12= facts, here is a trick I’ve been showing them in class.

6 x 12= Think …. “I know 6 x 11 is 66, then I just add 6 more to get the answer to 6 x 12. 66+ 6 more is…72. 6 x 12 =72 ”


Flash cards- Here is a great strategy you can use at home, especially if your child is not a big fan of flash cards! It’s better to master small amounts each day, then feeling overwhelmed with tons of facts all at once.

1. Rather than going through a HUGE stack all at once- pick 5.

2. Hold up a card- if your child knows it right away, put it down in the “easy” pile.

3. If they need time to figure it out, let them try. If they guess wrong, tell them the answer, and ask them to repeat the whole problem back to you. Put this card down in the “challenge” pile.

4. Continue this through all 5 cards.

5. Then, pick up the “challenge” pile, and run through it again. Some of the “challenge” cards might end up in the “easy” pile then!

6. The goal is to get all 5 into the “easy” pile!


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March 5-9

Tuesday:Iowa Testing begins
Wednesday:Penny Power/ Spirit Day
Friday:Stations of the Cross @ 2:00 & Math quiz x0-x12