Guidance Class Information

Each week I visit different grades and teach Developmental Guidance Classes. All topics are related to academic, career, and/or social/emotional development. I will be providing monthly updates on the things that we are learning in Guidance Class!


K: Howard B. Wigglebottoms Listens to His Heart

1: "A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue" by Julia Cook

2: Second Step 

3: Second Step 

4: Working with Others

5: Second Step 

6: Career Escape Room

7: Stress Escape Room

8: High School Cyber Search


K: Howard B Wigglebottoms Learns About Sportsmanship, Howard B. Wigglebottoms learns about Bullies

1: Making Friends is An Art, Personal Space Camp

2: Second Step

3: Second Step

4: Career Strengths

5: Second Step

6: College and Careers

7: Stress Management

8: High School Survival


K: Howard B. Wigglebottoms Learns It's OK to Back Away (anger), Howard B. Wigglebottoms Learns We Can All Get Along (

1: Friendship Qualities, The Golden Rule, Celebrating Differences

2: Second Step (

3: Second Step (

4: Health Sciences Career Cluster, Communication Arts Career Cluster

5: Second Step (

6: What Would I Be Good At?, Career Explorer

7: Introduction to Stress Management



K: Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen, Howard B. Wigglebottom Manners Matter (

1: Coping Skills, Tattling Vs. Reporting

2: Second Step (

3: Positive Thinking, Second Step (

4: Business Services Career Cluster, Human Services Career Cluster

5: Second Step (

6: Career Intro


8: Career Research Project


K: Manners

1: Happiness

2: Second Step

3: STEP-UP to Better Grades, Practice/Learning Styles

4:Technical Science and Agricultural Sciences Career Clusters



7: Goal Setting

8: Witherspoon Interest Inventory, Life After High School


K: Listening

1: Worry

2: Second Step

3: STEP-UP Ending (goals), STEP-UP Paying Attention and Understanding Directions

4: Career Clusters

5: STEP-UP Paying Attention and Understanding Directions, STEP-UP Practice

6: Working with Others

7: Test Taking Tips

8: Myers Briggs part 2


K: Tattling

1: Introduction to Feelings, Mad

2: Second Step (


4: Introduction to Careers

5: STEP-UP Tools (Organization), STEP-UP Ending (Goals)

6: Working with Others

7: Study Skills Habits

8: Myers Briggs Personality Inventory


K: Bucket Filling, Whole Body Listening

1: Bucket Filling

2: Bucket Filling

3: Bucket Filling, Introduction "STEP-UP to Better Grades"

4: "STEP-UP to Better Grades" Review

5: Introduction to "STEP-UP to Better Grades", Study Space

6: "STEP-UP to Better Grades" Review

7: Time Management, Learning Styles

8: Introduction to Careers


K-8, Welcome Back/Guidance Introduction

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