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Night has fallen, and Bat (a pipistrelle)

awakens to find her evening meal. The story

follows her as she swoops into the shadows,

shouting and flying, the echoes of her voice

creating a sound picture of the world around

her. When morning light creeps into the sky,

Bat returns to the roost to feed her baby . . .

and to rest until nighttime comes again. Bat

loves the night! The narrative, in large type,

gives much of the information about bats in a

voice that can work as a read-aloud (“Gliding

and fluttering back and forth, she shouts her

torch of sound among the trees, listening for

her supper”, while smaller type on some pages

elaborates “Using sound to find your way like

this is called echolocation”. The watercolor-and-pencil illustrations, in browns and blues, hint of night, without being too dark. Close-up views of plants and animals show detail, while wider sweeping landscapes give context and a sense of space. The details of Bat’s fur and face do justice to this mammal.” This is useful as a very first introduction to bats, but readers will need to go farther to answer some questions (like what kinds of bats do eat “fruit, fish, frogs, even blood!”). And while there is an index of 15 terms, there is no bibliography. Nevertheless, this is a beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed informational book. We loved reading it!