Third Grade's  ELA Class
Social Studies
Putnam County
Prescott South Elementary
115 West Cemetery Road
Cookeville, TN 38506
931-526-2275 (office)
THIRDGRADE (voicemail)
Important Information
April 24-28
Monday: Read 20 minutes a night. Study multiplication facts.
Tuesday: Return Monday folder signed.
Wednesday: Read 20 minutes a night and study facts.
Thursday: Read 20 minutes and study facts.
Friday: Read 20 minutes and study facts.
reading **All ELA classes will be reviewing for TCAP test that will be given on Wednesday of this week.

Please keep reading at home and begin reading to meet your child's AR book level and point goals. We ask that our students read 20 minutes per night.


In Reading, the focus will be on informational text with the first text being, “How is Silk Made.” Students will read the text and answer questions starting with restating the question, citing evidence, and using complete sentences and correct punctuation. The next text will be “How a School Computer Made the Richest Man in the World” and will include new vocabulary words, summarizing, key details and main idea. Students will continue reading on and taking AR tests over the stories they read.

In Language, we have been doing “Quick Writes” where students are given a prompt, and they will have a limited amount of time to write about it. Please read what your child has been the writing; there’s some deep thinking being done on these prompts!


We our continuing our study of sound. We will be reading and writing about sound’s loudness, The Wizard of Menlo Park, and Alexander Graham Bell’s Inspiration.

*We will be reviewing the different types of writing.

*Our assessments, metaphor quiz and spelling test, will be given on Tuesday, April 11.

Lisic: Storyworks Jr. debate “Should You Always Get a Trophy?”

Reviewing parts of speech

Opinion Writing