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December 10-14
Welcome Visitor # 1,803
my photo 3B students will be the shepherds in the Christmas program!

They will need:

• A bathrobe- any color or pattern is fine

• A walking stick (from the yard is fine)

• A THIN piece of cloth or THIN towel to wear over their head (one year, when students brought big thick towels, they kept falling off, and made them very hot.)

• A stretchy headband to hold it on (not a rope or string) - I will be buying a pack for the class, but if you have your own, you are welcome to use it.

• They can wear their costume right over their uniform- I recommend short sleeves. 

• Please have these items in a bag with your child’s name marked on the front.

• Students should bring in their items the week of December 10-14-please do not send them in sooner.


Reading: Lesson 12 Tops and Bottoms (Continued)

Skills: homophones idioms, main idea

Writing: Narrative Writing: If I were in a Snowglobe…..

Spelling: No spelling this week.

Grammar: Subject/ Object Pronouns

Math: We are finishing Chap. 3 Subtraction Strategies:

Regrouping with 2, 3, 4 digit numbers, and with zero. Chapter 3 Math Test Tues.12/18

Science: Animals

Religion: Advent

This month:

Dec. 14th- Shepherd costume should be brought to school

Dec 17- Sharonville Library Visit

Dec. 18- Subtraction Math test

-St. Michael Christmas Program: Afternoon performance: 1:30

Evening performance: 7pm

Please arrive at the undercroft by 6:30