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Reconciliation and Penance Study Guide- Chapter 10 and 11

1. God never forces us to love and obey Him. Godís gift to us that allows us to make choices is free will.

2. We are responsible for our choices.

3. Commit is another word for do.

4. Sin is any thought, word, or act that we freely choose to commit even though we know that it is wrong.

5. We cannot commit sin by accident.

6. Mortal sins are sins that break our friendship with God. They do not share in Godís grace.

7. Venial sins are less serious sins that hurt our friendship with God but they still share in Godís grace.

8. Sin separates us from God.

9. Even though we sin, God never stops loving us and God will always forgive us when we are truly sorry.

10. Another word for Godís love and forgiveness is mercy.

11. Reconciliation means coming back together again.

12. In the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation we receive and celebrate Godís forgiveness of our sins.

13. Jesus gave His apostles the power to forgive sin in His name.

14. Today, bishops and priests forgive sins in Jesusí name.

15. Your conscience is a gift from God that helps a person know what is right and what is wrong.

16. Examining our conscience means we think about our thoughts, words, and actions.

17. The Holy Spirit helps us to remember the choices we have made.

18. Another word for sorrow is contrition. The Act of Contrition is a prayer of sorrow- sorrow for our sins.

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