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March 1, 2019


Here’s to another fun week of school! My favorite thing this week was how well everyone did on our first weekly mad minute addition test! Here’s a reminder of some of the other fun things we did:

*Continuing to restate and answer questions and learning to edit sentences in our morning notebook (DOL) using editing marks.

* We continued Reading Book 4 by reading Where Does Food Come From? We worked on main idea and details using the story. Each student also, picked his/her favorite food. Next week, we will use the i-pads to research where each of their favorite foods come from.

*We learned that long a can be spelled with ai in the middle of some words and ay on the end of words. We explored this in our words and made word cards for this week’s sight words. We used these to play Memory, Go Fish and Bingo and to spell on white boards in pairs. We also, added our new words to our personal dictionaries and practiced spelling with a partner.

*We continued Math Ch. 5 Place Value.

*weekly mass (next week we will go to mass on Wednesday instead of Friday to celebrate Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent).

*During Religion Class we finished Chapter 10 The Holy Spirit.

*During Social Studies we learned about our current President Donald Trump and finished our study of Presidents with a test.

*We took our weekly spelling test.

*We continued our Baptism show and tell.

*We made addition flash cards and played whole group and partner games with them to become more fluent in our math facts.

*We continued weekly Baggie Books and AR tests over them.

Next week we will continue to review all these things and do some new things like beginning our school Lenten Journey: An Invitation. Keep up the great work and trying your best each day. Have a nice weekend!

Your Teacher,

Mrs. Giglio