Mrs. Bowes' Vocabulary Classroom
2nd Grade - Maternity BVM


Class Rules
Daily Double

Mr. Putter

Lesson 16- Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book

Sight Words- All the sight words are review words.

1. Everything 6. picture

2. Minute 7. finally

3. Sugar 8. eight

4. Though 9. minute

5. Idea 10.sure

Robust Vocabulary

1. Celebrate- to honor an occasion.

My parents and I celebrated Christmas.

2. Cozy- Warm and comfortable

I didn’t want to get out of bed because I was so cozy.

3. Enchanting- Likeable and enjoyable.

Mrs. Teaberry thought the book was enchanting.

4. Instead- To do something in place of another thing.

I rather go fishing instead of playing baseball.

5. Thrilled- Very excited or happy.

I am thrilled that I got an O on my test.

6. Review- To write about what you think of feel about a book, movie, or play.

I gave the movie a 4 star review.

7. Procrastinate- To delay doing something.

I procrastinated by only studying the night before the test.

8. Disturb- A noise the bothers.

My little sister crying disturbs my sleep.

9. Underneath- to be below.

My feet are underneath my desk.

10. Diversion- Takes you away from what you are doing.

My brother created a diversion so my mom wouldn’t see me take another cookie.

Focus Skill- Setting of a story


1. Cry 7. Forty 13. Yard

2. Sky 8. Twenty 14. Yarn

3. Dry 9. Penny 15. Because

4. Why 10. yellow

5. Candy 11. Your

6. Bunny 12. Year