Mrs. Bowes' Reading Classroom
2nd Grade - Maternity BVM


Class Rules
Daily Double

Lesson 19- The Life of George Washington Carver

Spelling Words Story Genre- Biography

1. bread 9. Eagle A biography is a story written

2. heavy 10. Teacher about someone.

3. sweat 11. who

4. head 12. Why Focus Skill- to use titles, table of

5. feather 13. Want contents, headings, and glossaries

6. hear 14. Pretty to locate information.

7. leaf 15. their

8. dream

Sight Words

Already through different everything idea imagine

Robust Vocabulary

1. Supplies- materials and equipment needed to do a job.

My crayons are one of the supplies I need for school.

2. Committee- A group of people working on a project.

The teachers were on a committee for Trek for Tech.

3. Crop- A large planting of one kind of plant.

The farmer planted a crop of corn.

4. Earn- To make money or other kind of reward for doing something.

I earned money by shoveling my neighbor’s driveway when it snowed.

5. Edible- Something you can eat.

Strawberries are edible; crayons are not.

6. Experiments- Tests to try out an idea.

I did an experiment to see which objects float or sink.

7. Provide- give something to someone.

My parents provide me with food, a house, and clothes.

8. Innovation- To think of a new idea or product.

A flying car would be a new innovation.

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