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Beginning this week your child will be given a leveled book (A ĖZ reading) to read each Monday. Your child will have until Friday to read it carefully and bring the book back prepared to take an Accelerated Reader Comprehension Test. If it is a chapter book, your child may have extra time to complete it. Just let me know when your child is ready for his/her test. Until now I have left AR tests as an option for free time, but it is now time to get everyone exposed and ready for when this will become part of his/her grade in Second Grade. This will also, give students a chance to read selections that are more personalized to his/her particular reading and comprehension level.

Now that our reading fluency is taking off, I am putting more focus on improving reading comprehension. After reading the book several times students should be able to go back into the story and use text evidence to identify genre, main idea, supporting details, characters, setting, problem, and solution. Feel free to use the enclosed worksheet to help your child prepare for his/her AR test and to improve comprehension skills. These are skills that we develop weekly in our class story selection and will continue to build and add to as the trimester goes on.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Giglio

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Title ____________________________________

Is the story fiction or nonfiction? ______________________

If it is fiction:

Main idea = (summary of characters, problem and solution)

Characters =

Setting =

Problem =

Solution =

Authorís Purpose =

If it is nonfiction:

Main Idea = (what is author trying to teach you about or get you to do)

Supporting details =

Authorís Purpose =

Vocabulary Words & Meanings
assignments work given by others to be completed by you
allergies an abnormal reaction of the body to contact with an allergen, such as grass or dust
accuse To charge someone with wrong doing
suspicious tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable
evidence that which tends to prove or disprove something
consume to destroy or use something up; eating or drinking something