Mrs. Bowes' Classroom Class Rules
2nd Grade - Maternity BVM


Class Rules
Daily Double

Rules & Procedures
- Good behavior and choices are very important. We are teaching your child life skills when demanding respect. I am responsible for teaching 26 children; therefore, I need your help in this matter.

- We follow and enforce all codes listed under the school policy. If a demerit is issued, it will be sent home in the STAR folder to be signed. Three demerits result in an after school detention.

- Behavior Chart: Each child will begin on green. If there is one behavior offense they receive a warning. For the second offense they receive a 5 minute time-out from recess. The third offense will result in a 10 minute time- out and so on. You will know your child's behavior everyday as it will be recorded on the behavior calendar in the STAR folder. If they receive a sticker, they remained on green for the day. If not, there will be a number that corresponds to an offense on the behavior calendar. Please initial this every night. If your child receives a certain amount of stickers for the month they will get to go to the prize box.

- Good Choice Bingo: If the student did not lose any time for the day, they get to put their name on the bingo board. At the end of the day I pick a winner for a small treat.

- Teacher vs Students: If students are on task they receive a point. If they are not on task, I receive a point. At the end of the week if the students have more points they get extra recess. If I get more points we do xtra work.

- Everyday rewards: positive reinforcement, stickers, and small treats will be given out daily.