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Second Grade - St. Michael


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Week of
Sept. 10-14 Sally

Sept. 24-28 (Thurs 27th) Pierre

Oct. 1-5 Michael

Oct. 8-12 Noelle

Oct. 22-26 Greyson

Oct. 29- Nov. 2 Emily

Nov. 5-9 Sydney

Nov. 12-16 Eva

Nov. 26-30 Lucy

Dec. 3-7 Ellie

Dec. 10-14 Jackson

Jan. 7-11 Nicholas

Jan. 14-18 Owen

Jan. 21-25 Hannah

Feb. 4-8 Harrison

Feb. 18-22 Andrew

Feb. 25- March 1 (Thurs Feb. 28) Samuel

Mar. 4-8 Chrissa

Mar. 11-15 Mia

Mar. 25-29 Sarah

Apr. 1-5 Jack

Apr. 8-12 Callie

Apr. 29-May 3 Jessica

May 6-10 Sadie

May 13-17 Maxwell

Share day is Friday at 2:15
If you would like to bring a pet, please let me know prior to your day.

Posters arrive on Monday of your week to be hung up all week. Please use a standard poster board. Your child will add their name to the poster board and whatever pictures they would like. They can fill out the board with pictures or just add a few. Pictures can be regular photos or printed from your computer/phone. They may add other decorations or favorite things to their boards. Make sure they are not too heavy to hang up. There is really no wrong or right way to complete the board, it is up to your child and their personality.

You can bring 2-3 special objects that you would like to share with the class. These objects are brought on Friday. Your child may bring it with them to school or you may bring them when you come for their share out.

You can bring your favorite book to read to the class. You may read the book or your child may read the book. Please keep in mind the time constraints, so try to keep from rather long books. If it is a longer book, we would like you to read the book and not your child, as there have been several times a book was not completed and there was an upset child.

Also, you may bring a treat to share- this is not mandatory. The treat can be an edible treat or something else like pencils, your favorite book to donate to the class library, stickers, etc. Please remember that a treat of any kind is not necessary or expected.