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Over the next couple of weeks we will be working on making arrays and discussing things that come in arrays. Our first math unit is multiplication and working with arrays.

The students will look around the school and document things that are in arrays. The students will draw the arrays and write the dimension of their arrays.

Everyday in math class, the students take a timed multiplication test. They are given 100 problems and have 5 minutes to complete all of them. All students started on the 2's test on the first day of school.

Once a student passes, they move up to the next level until they pass their 12's. Once the student passes their 12's, they move on to timed division facts.

PLEASE practice multiplication facts with your child.

Click the math links to visit helpful and fun math websites for extra practice. Students can also play math games at .

Math 2+2 Links From mrs. hyacinth

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