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Mrs. Giglio’s First Grade Classroom

Hello! Welcome to Camp Giglio. We are going to have a wonderful year filled with a lot of learning, work, and fun. I thought it might be helpful to give you an overview of what your child’s classroom will be like.


Normally we do not have a big problem with discipline in First Grade therefore, punishments and incentives are left up to the classroom teacher. During the first weeks of school I will be acquainting the students with the class and school rules. We will also, role-play and discuss different problems that may arise during the year and how to properly handle those situations. Mainly the strategy I use with the students is to “Talk it Out”. If talking it out with the other student doesn’t work he/she should seek the help of an adult. During the first week of school we will explore what being a good friend is and look for ways to be the best version of ourselves. We will brainstorm, read children’s literature, make crafts, sing songs, and play games in cooperation with the other first grade and second grades to expand our friendship skills and work on becoming good friends to each other. Student will also, be encouraged to let me know when someone in the classroom has been a “friend” to them. At the end of each day we will announce our “friends” and have a class bravo for them. The classroom rules are as follows:

1) Listen carefully.

2) Follow directions.

3) Work quietly. Do not disturb others that are working.

4) Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.

5) Respect school and personal property.

6) Work and play safely.

***Incentive and reward for following these rules is the “Go For Good Behavior” poster. Each day your child’s car will start on a green light. First infraction he/she will go to the yellow light and will have to sit on the curb or in the room with me to discuss better choices for 10 minutes of the next recess. Repeated infractions or serious infractions will result in being moved to the red light and having to sit on the curb or in the room with me to discuss better choices for an entire recess. In the event of an extreme situation Mrs. Murphy will become involved. Each day on your child’s homework packet I will put a dot to show which color he/ she was on. At the end of each day those who stayed on green will be entered into a drawing for a prize from the classroom treasure boxes which contain choices of edible and non-edible items.


A homework packet containing the assignments for each day of the week will be sent home each Monday. Each student should do only what is assigned for that day and bring the packet back each day. I will check the homework daily and return the packet each day. Wrong answers should be revisited and corrected with parents help. There is a place on the cover sheet for a parent signature to show that you have overseen your child’s work. It is fine to help your child with the work as you see necessary, especially in the beginning. The work is meant to be a practice. If for some reason your child your child cannot complete the work on the assigned night, he may do it early. The assignment will make more sense, however, if it is completed on the night assigned since we will have covered it in class that day. Homework packets are also, a nice place to jot me notes, as I see them each day. Please do not write early dismissal or transportation notes on the packet, as a separate note for the office is required for that.

Daily Schedule

*Religion (we will attend mass each Thursday at 8:15, unless there is a feast day in which case we will attend on the feast day instead) Our class will plan and participate in a mass toward the end of the school year (TBD).

*Language Arts (Spelling, Handwriting, Phonics, Grammar, and Creative Writing)

*Snack Recess (Each day around 9:30 we will take a short break to move around and eat a snack sent from home on the playground).


*Lunch/Recess (12:10 – 1:00) This year we will have recess first then lunch.


*Science/Health and Social Studies

*Dismissal (Please make sure your child and I know how he/she is going home each day).


Students will attend Music and Physical Education twice a week. They will go to Spanish, Library, Technology and Art class once a week.

*We will also, take a monthly trip to Sharonville Library to check out books and have story time.

Sign up sheets for those wishing to walk to the library with us will be available in the classroom during Curriculum Night.

Centers/ Free Time

*On Fridays students will go to rotating centers to learn more about the subjects we are learning in class and about sportsmanship through hands on games and activities. When a student has satisfactorily completed class work, he may go to the center his/her weekly center, or may select a learning activity from the free time shelves. Students will also, have a free time folder containing drawing paper, writing paper, and fun seasonal sheets that he/ she may work on when finished early. I also use the free time folder as a way to challenge advanced students with challenge worksheets and those struggling with a concept remedial sheets. As reading skills improve, I will also put a leveled accelerated reader book in the folder and encourage him/her to take a test on an iPad. .

Show and Tell

At the end of each week a small group of students will be chosen to show and tell about a prechosen topic. Our first topic will be My Favorite Book. We will begin Friday September 8th. I will announce who is to present on the homework packet that week.


You may E-mail me here at school Please do not send me E-mails on transportation changes or absences however, that must go through the main office. Also, note that I often do not get to check my E-mail until the end of the day and do not usually check it once I am home in the evening.

***Your child may bring toys to school for recess, however, please do not send hard balls, toys which have or promote weapons or violence, and electrical or battery operated toys. If your child does bring a toy to school it is at his own risk. He must have his name on it and be responsible for it. Also, please put names on all sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, lunch boxes, etc.

***I am very excited about my twenty first year here at St. Michael’s. If I didn’t get to meet you yet, I look forward to seeing you.

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