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my class photo Week of May 13-17:

Monday: N- no homework day

Tuesday: o-outdoor day- we will go outside to do some learning

Wednesday: p-pen day- bring a pen to use today in any color

Thursday: q- question day- we will spend the day asking and answering questions

Friday: r- rosary day- bring a rosary to pray today, Mass 8:15- we will be celebrating Mrs. Dabbelt and Mrs. Kay after mass

May 23 is our class picnic at Gower park. We will leave school around 11:30 or 11:45 to walk up to the park. All students need to pack their lunch and a drink for the picnic. If a family member is joining us for the picnic, they may bring their child's lunch with them.

Coming up:

May 21- Sharonville Library

May 23- 2nd grade class picnic

May 27- No School- Memorial Day Weekend

May 30- Last Day- dismissal 11a

ABC Countdown:

4-16 A- airplane day

4-17 B- bubbles day

4-18 C- crazy sock day

4-29 D- doughnut hole day

4-30 E- exercise day

5-1 F- favorite book day

5-2 G- game day

5-3 H- hoop, hoop, horray day

5-6 I- I "can" day

5-7 J- jammie day

5-8 K- kids choice day

5-9 L- look our for a mystery reader

5-10 M- move your muscles day

5-13 N- no homework day

5-14 O- outdoor day

5-15 P- pen day

5-16 Q- question day

5-17 R- rosary day

5-20 S- spelling bee day

5-21 T- time capsule day

5-22 U-usa day

5-23 V- visitor day

5-24 W- watch a movie day

5-28 X- X-tra fun day

5-29 Y- year end clean up day

5-30 z- Zip into summer!

Important Information
Week of May 13
N- no homework day
O- outdoor day- outdoor learning, church music practice 2:00
P- pen day- bring a pen to use
Q- question day
R- bring a rosary today, Mass 8:15, star student 2:15