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my class photo Week of April 29-May 3:

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break, whether you were in town or you traveled. We are now winding down with many end of the year events. Look for information in the newsletters and on this site.

Monday April 29 please send in $1 if your child is interested in taking part in the 2nd grade knockout tournament. The winners will take part in the knockout tournament on Friday May 3.

Tuesday April 30 is 1st Communion pictures in the gathering space at 7pm. Please arrive promptly at 7 so we can get the pictures taken and get you back home. The group picture cannot be taken until all students have arrived.

Wednesday May 1 is spirit day/ penny power. It is also Jesus Night so those who signed up.

Thursday May 2 is our last field trip to the children's theater. Please wear your green class shirt with your uniform bottoms. Please pack a lunch AND a drink. We will have afternoon snack instead of morning snack. We will leave about 11:00-11:10 and return after 2:00.

Friday May 3 is our ice cream social and knockout tournament. This event will take place in the afternoon.

May 4 1st Communion 5:00p

May 5 1st Communion 11:30a

Coming up:

May 6- right to read week

May 8- Book Fair

May 10- Olympic Day (May 14 rain date)

May 11 & 12- 1st Communion

May 21- Sharonville Library

May 23- 2nd grade class picnic

May 27- No School- Memorial Day Weekend

May 30- Last Day- dismissal 11a

ABC Countdown:

4-16 A- airplane day

4-17 B- bubbles day

4-18 C- crazy sock day

4-29 D- doughnut hole day

4-30 E- exercise day

5-1 F- favorite book day

5-2 G- game day

5-3 H- hoop, hoop, horray day

5-6 I- I "can" day

5-7 J- jammie day

5-8 K- kids choice day

5-9 L- look our for a mystery reader

5-10 M- move your muscles day

5-13 N- no homework day

5-14 O- outdoor day

5-15 P- pen day

5-16 Q- question day

5-17 R- rosary day

5-20 S- spelling bee day

5-21 T- time capsule day

5-22 U-usa day

5-23 V- visitor day

5-24 W- watch a movie day

5-28 X- X-tra fun day

5-29 Y- year end clean up day

5-30 z- Zip into summer!

Important Information
Week of April 29
d- doughnut day, 2nd grade knockout tournament at lunch
e- exercise day, 1st Communion Pictures
f- favorite book day, spirit day/penny power, Jesus Night
g- game day, field trip to Children s theater
h- hoop, hoop, hooray, knockout tournament and ice cream social